5 Hygge Foods You Need in Your Life

Allow us to set the scene:

You and a few of your closest friends, clad in your coziest clothes, are all tucked together inside your apartment, each snuggled in a soft sofa or armchair, surrounded by pillows, and maybe layered in one or two blankets. Outside it is snowing, the snowflakes lazily swirling, or it’s raining, or simply overcast, but you are all safely inside, warm, comfortable and together. 

Winston Pies Santa Monica Pie Cozy
Grab a slice of pie and get cozy at Winston Pies.

(Photo by @winstonpies)

The feeling you get from reading the above scene is hygge (pronounced hue-guh), one of the newest trends to make its way over from Europe to the U.S. Hygge is a Danish word used to describe moments like the one above — moments of utmost coziness. While there is no direct English translation, hygge incorporates aspects of hominess, pleasure, companionship, and, perhaps most importantly, comfort. Hygge is all about eschewing the too-fast pace of modern life, putting down our cell phones, and just being, appreciating all the slowness life has to offer and savoring every moment. 

Food is, and always has been, one of the most quintessential ways to get cozy and truly relish the best life has to offer. Hyggelig food (food that makes you feel hygge) is all about embracing the familiar, comforting, and pleasurable. Hyggelig food is often homemade, rustic, and cooked slowly with care — no complicated, potentially stress-inducing cooking required. While many foods can help you feel hygge, some of the most popular options are sweets, hearty savory dishes, and warm drinks. Luckily, you don’t have to fly to Denmark to eat cozy — there are hundreds of hyggelig dishes in the US, just waiting to be discovered.

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Winston Pies

Winston Pies Key Lime Pie Chocolate Pie Cozy Sweets Desserts
The Key West Pie (left) is made with a classic graham cracker crust. The sweet & salty oatmeal crust from the Chocolate Cowgirl Pie (right) will leave you wanting seconds.

(Photo by @winstonpies)

You can’t go wrong with a thick slice of Key West Pie from Winston’s Pie in Los Angeles. Every single one of their pies is homemade with love, from the full pies, perfect for sharing, to the square hand pies, just the right size to savor on your own while people-watching on a nearby busy street. With flavors ranging from Harvest Apple to Chocolate Cowgirl to Fall Pumpkin, Winston’s pies are sure to set your course to hygge.

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Dahlia Bakery

Dahlia Bakery Seattle Mocha Croissant Pastry Sweets
The chocolate layers in this Mocha Croissant will fulfill your sweet tooth and espresso cravings.

(Photo by @dahliabakery)

At Dahlia’s Bakery in Seattle, you’ll find row upon row of freshly-baked pastries, cookies, and cakes, made slowly and in small batches for the ultimate hygge dessert experience. From Double Chocolate Croissants, made with chocolate dough and a chocolate ganache filling, to a slice of Creme Brulee Cake, crafted with four layers of vanilla bean cake, caramel, vanilla custard, and salted caramel buttercream, these treats are the perfect complements to a lazy afternoon spent with friends and a pot of tea.

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The Franklin Room

Reuben Sandwich Hygge Cozy Corned Beef
The Reuben is made with 3-day-cured beef and creamy Fontinella cheese.

(Photo by @drinkatfranklin)

The Franklin Room, a community tavern nestled in the heart of Chicago, knows a thing or two about hygge. From the sumptuous wooden and leather furniture to the low lamps, filling the space with a gentle glow, The Franklin Room sets just the right amount of rustic charm for you to enjoy while picking up your hyggelig takeout. Whether you ordered a tub of Old Fashioned Popcorn, dusted with smoked salt, dried cherries, and orange zest, or a Reuben, with 3-day-cured corned beef and sweet, creamy Fontinella cheese, married together between two pieces of rye bread, you’re sure to feel hygge. 

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Beau Bar Coffee

Bakva Hazelnut Chocolate Coffee Cozy
Pair the Chocolate Hazelnut Bakva with a Macchiato for the ultimate hygge experience.

(Photo by @beaubarcoffee)

Beau Bar Coffee in Los Angeles, already brimming with hyggelig ambience from hanging plants, fur-covered wood furniture, and rainbow crepe cakes in the display case, carries the hygge over to their carefully conceived and crafted drinks. Take their Honey Lavender Latte, combining two of perhaps the most comforting smells in the world, honey and lavender, to add a little sense of peace and security to your morning cup of joe. If you’re more in the mood for a soothing cup of tea, Beau Bar’s fragrant and perfectly-spiced Chai comes complete with two miniature cinnamon sticks for an added boost of hygge.


People’s Cafe

People's Cafe Berkeley Mexican hot Chocolate
Enjoy a cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate while you settle in a nook at People’s Cafe.

(Photo by @peoplescafeberk)

If caffeine gets you too jazzed up to slow down and enjoy the hygge, People’s Cafe in Berkeley, California knows there is a certain type of magic in a velvety cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate. Whether you settle in to one of their dozens of cozy seating nooks or take your steaming cup of goodness to go, you’re guaranteed to feel hygge.


While hygge is often associated with winter, there is no one time of year to feel hygge. No matter where or when you are, if you strive to eat cozy, hygge will always be there. If you’re looking for more cozy options, here are 8 more in Los Angeles you should try. All you have to do is find a friend, order a pastry or two, and enjoy.

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