DTR: Define The “Restaurant” – For Any Occasion

Enter: February. Cue the red and pink adornments, flower bouquets, and heart-shaped chocolate boxes. From Los Angeles to New York, hungry diners like you face the same time-consuming dilemma – choosing a restaurant. Whether it be for celebrating a holiday, catching up with friends, or takeout for a Netflix marathon, these tips will help you “Define The Relationsh-” err, Restaurant.

“Keeping It Casual”

The best way to “keep it casual” is opting for a night in; avoiding the hustle and bustle of packed restaurants and missed reservations. Lucky for you, ChowNow is packed full of delicious restaurants that offer takeout for pickup and delivery: giving you the option to stay comfortable in your favorite pair of sweat pants. 

We recommend any manner of comfort food, from a slice of piping hot pizza to a bowl of macaroni & cheese. One of our favorite spots in Chicago is  Green Street Local – which offers a wide variety of 5-star comforts. For a bowl of Gemelli pasta mixed with creamy cheese, fresh scallions, crunchy bread crumbs, and bacon – the “Local Mac” is only a click away. If you want a deep dish without the guilt, be sure to try the “Not So Deep Dish” – which swaps the thick breading of a traditional pie with a crispy thin crust.


“It’s Complicated”

Not all menus are created equal, and in the case of dietary restrictions, that statement is even more accurate. From vegan to pescatarian, gluten-intolerant to high-carb or keto, diners are learning to alter their eating habits in an effort to better suit their personal health or moral alignments. 

Restaurants like Cafe Gratitude with locations in Kansas City, San Diego and Los Angeles are great examples of high-quality and delicious menus that offer a more inclusive variety of plates, taking the complication out of the experience for anyone with a restrictive diet. Even for those that can enjoy all the spoils of the food scene, these meals are sure to please. If you have yet to try kelp noodles, now is your chance! The crunchy, fresh, healthful alternative is a crowd favorite.  

“Just Friends”

GNO? Boys night? Whatever the case, a meal with friends is where great memories are made. When planning for a larger group, ordering family-style is the most efficient way to go. A basket or two of wings is sure to please the crowd, and won’t get destroyed in transit. You can also opt for a few platters of pasta to pair with your favorite bottle of wine, and the cheesiest flick available to stream. The group will love it. 

Pasta Sisters in Los Angeles offers a great menu made with love: teasing your tastebuds with heaping plates of truffle pasta, creamy pesto, and hearty spaghetti. If you’re feeling sweet, take a look at the dessert menu! After all, February is the best excuse for a cheat day.  



So, it’s date night. You and your S/O are ready for some mind-blowing food, and will spare no expense to make it happen. You’ve spent the week eating sandwiches, boxed salads, and an embarrassing amount of pizza. You’re looking for something exciting – something you wouldn’t normally make at home. From high-end steaks to complex charcuterie platters, the world is your oyster. 

New York is known for many things – one of them being the variety of creative and rule-breaking cuisines. Take for example the $1,000 bagel, which is topped with gold flakes and donates 100% of the proceeds to Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. For a taste of culture, Cka Ka Qellu in the Bronx will take you out of your food routine and into the unforgettable world of traditional Albanian flavor. 

Regardless of your relationship or restaurant preferences, ChowNow gives you the option to indulge in any cuisine – while helping to keep your community a thriving neighborhood for local businesses. Curious about how your order can make an impact? Learn more on  #OrderBetter


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Images by Various | Editing by Emily Neudorf