8 Cozy Los Angeles Restaurants

We’re all about sleeping in and indulging in some quality time during these slower winter months. But for those days when you absolutely need to get out…consider this your inspiration.

These restaurants not only serve delicious dishes, they have some of the coziest, dreamiest, and roomiest interiors in Los Angeles. So instead of flagging the waiter down for the check, you’re more likely going to be flagging him down for a second (or third, or fourth) drink. Let’s go.

1. Sweet Butter Kitchen 

Sweet Butter Kitchen Los Angeles Cozy Restaurants

You might never leave this courtyard oasis.

Sweet Butter Kitchen | @sweetbutterkitchen

2. A.O.C. 

A.O.C. Los Angeles Cozy restaurants

(Photo by @aocla)

Mediterranean tiles and vine-covered walls? Forget about hopping on a plane, AOC is our next out-of-town escape.  

AOC | @aocla

3. Felix Trattoria

Felix Trattoria Los Angeles Cozy Restaurants

(Photo by @felixlosangeles)

Get lost in Felix’s fresh design…or their buttery Italian pasta.

Felix Trattoria | @felixlosangeles

4. Eveleigh

Everleigh Los Angeles Cozy Restaurant

(Photo by @theeveleigh)

There’s nothing like an ivy-covered patio in the sun to distract us from all the work we have to do.

Eveleigh | @theeveleigh

5. Norah

Norah Restaurant Los Angeles Cozy Restaurants

(Photo by @norahrestaurant)

Give us a bottle of chardonnay and sunlight and we could spend hours in this spot.

Norah | @norahrestaurant

6. Cliff’s Edge

Cliffs Edge Los Angeles Cozy Bar

(Photo by @cliffsedgela)

Sometimes you just need to cozy up to a bar for a drink.

Cliff’s Edge | @cliffsedgela

7. Love & Salt

Love and Salt Cozy Restaurant Los Angeles

(Photo by @loveandsaltla)

From this vantage point we can see a lot…a lot of not moving, that is.

Love & Salt | @loveandsaltla

8. Malibu Farm

Malibu Farm Los Angeles Cozy Restaurant

If cozy booths don’t grab you, this perfect ocean view certainly will.

Malibu Farm | @malibufarm

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