3 Los Angeles Restaurants Serving Up Seasonal Dishes

Whether you are trying to impress a date with the perfect spring picnic, in need of a few extra nutrients after a weekend out on the town, or perhaps just really craving the vibrant colors and crunch that come from fruits and vegetables sourced at peak harvest: sometimes fresh, seasonal food is exactly what the body needs. Here, three chefs and restaurateurs share why they have made it their mission to bring seasonal fare to the plates and take-out containers of Los Angelenos everywhere and which dishes you should order to get a real taste of spring – before it’s too late!

The Sycamore Kitchen

General Manager: Dione Wren

Sycamore Kitchen Los Angeles Seasonal Food
Turkey Bahn Mi

What is your favorite seasonal dish this spring?

Our fattoush salad is a definite go-to. It has lots of fresh veggies, so it’s juicy and bright. For breakfast, I eat our Chilaquiles almost everyday. It’s one of our specials — not too in-line with the seasonal focus, but it’s amazing!

Other seasonal dishes worth noting on the menu this spring?

Our Moroccan chicken soup is worth noting: fresh spinach, carrots, chickpeas, seasoned pita — it’s great. Also, our fresh-baked zucchini bread is amazing, and a favorite out of the pastries. Our fried egg tartine uses fresh heirloom tomatoes, which are bright and colorful and available seasonally.

Sycamore Kitchen Los Angeles Seasonal Foods
Warm Ricotta and Buckwheat Blintzes

What was the initial inspiration for The Sycamore Kitchen to serve seasonal food?

I think Karen’s focus is keeping things fresh and interesting (Karen Hatfield is a chef and co-owner of The Sycamore Kitchen). We do have regulars that love our specials, so it’s hard to switch them out, but we do try to add on dishes using fruits and veggies that are ripe in the season. Butternut squash soup, banana bread, zucchini bread, yam tarts, gazpacho, we use what’s at its best and try to produce a great dish out of it.

Address: 143 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Chef and Co-Founder: Walter Manzke

Republique Los Angeles Seasonal Food
Chef/Owner Walter Manzke

What is your favorite seasonal dish this spring?

White Asparagus

What is the story behind how your favorite seasonal dish came to be?

As an ingredient, white asparagus is very special. It does grow in the United States, but as far as I know of, no one has been able to produce like they do in Europe. It’s imported, which makes it pretty special and only available in the spring months, as that is when it is best. The white asparagus from Europe is really special in its texture, sweetness, and large pieces. It’s wonderful even just very simply prepared with hollandaise sauce.  The combination of the sauce with the white asparagus is pretty special. I really love it that way.

Republique Los Angeles Seasonal

(Photos provided by République)

Other seasonal dishes worth noting on the menu this spring?

We always look forward to morel mushrooms, which I love, as well. They have meaty earth tones that are great paired with white asparagus—it’s a classic combination. Other things I look forward to in spring are soft shell crabs, baby spring lambs, and ramps.

Can you elaborate on the initial inspiration for focusing on seasonal food? Why is it important to you?

It’s important to me to get the best ingredients I can, and my goal is to provide my team with the best I possibly can. If I can provide everyone on my team with fresh, top-tier ingredients and produce to work with, they have an opportunity to make great things.

Address: 624 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036


Superba Food + Bread

Culinary Director: Anthony Goodwin

Superba Bread Avocado Toast Los Angeles
Avocado Toast

How do seasonal dishes fit into the Superba Food + Bread food philosophy?

Seasonal dishes are how we are able to utilize all of the great product we have locally. It gives us an opportunity to work with farmers and bring the best of what they have to offer to our guests. It also allows us to create energy around our menu. A lot of our guests dine with us several times a week and seasonality keeps things exciting for them as well.

Where does Superba Food + Bread source the ingredients for their seasonal dishes? How were those relationships formed?

Almost all of our seasonal dishes start at the local farmers market. We talk for hours with farmers to see what they are planting for the upcoming season and how they think the crop will be based on last years results, current and future weather predictions, the soil condition, rain, and temperatures. Our level of interest in what they do has a lot to do with how we build our relationships. We care about them, they are not just people we buy food from, and in turn the care about us.

Superba Los Angeles Seasonal Food
Seasonal Fruit Tart

What are some of your favorite seasonal dishes that will be on the menu this spring and summer?

For spring, we have a couple dishes:

  • Sea bass, with sprouting baby broccoli and fennel sofrito
  • Wood grill asparagus, with leeks, pecorino, and shaved walnuts
  • Skirt steak, with cipollini onions, black garlic, and romesco sauce

For summer, a couple ideas may be:

  • Little gem lettuce, with charred Romano beans and shaved corn
  • Zucchini fritto with padron peppers
  • Summer tomato toast, with whipped feta cheese and pickled cucumber

Venice Address: 1900 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

El Segundo Address:  830 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 100
El Segundo, CA 90245

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