7 L.A. Bowls That Will Warm Your Soul

When the temperature drops, people usually gravitate towards a hearty and warming meal. Los Angeles may not have drastic season changes but we still crave comfort food that is good for the soul and body. What’s better than a steaming bowl of soup, curry or noodles? Comfort food isn’t just satisfying foods that fill your stomach, but it brings back memories from a specific time or place.

Here are seven of our favorite comfort food dishes in Los Angeles that require just a spoon to enjoy and satisfy any comfort food craving.

1. Dana’s Matzo Ball Soup

What’s in it: Fluffy cream-colored dumplings bathing in a golden chicken broth.

Sometimes your earliest memories are of the mouth-watering aromas coming from your kitchen. Owner Micah Wexler says, “I remember the smells of my mom’s soup slowly simmering in preparation for the holidays, wafting from the kitchen to my bedroom. There’s nothing more comforting, which is why I put it on the menu in honor of my mom. Dana’s Matzo Ball Soup.”

Wexler’s Deli  |  www.wexlersdeli.com

2. Phofax Special

There’s nothing more welcoming and inviting than family-owned restaurants. Siblings, An, Phuong and Nathan opened Pho Saigon Pearl in 2016 and decorated the restaurant with family photos and a mural of a Saigon street scene. Phuong’s husband Chef Bernard Hoang is the mastermind behind their beef bone broth. Hoang practices traditional Vietnamese cooking techniques includes simmering the bone broth for over 20 hours.

Pho Saigon Pearl  |  www.phosaigonpearl.com

3. Shakshuka

What’s in it: Organic tomatoes and pepper, poached eggs, and bread.

Definitely check out their Shakshuka—it embodies all flavors fresh, simple and addicting. The marriage between the spice and creaminess along with the bread to soak up all the sauce is truly comforting. The ingredients may be simple, tomatoes, peppers and bread—but the result is a dish that tastes so authentic, it could be made by someone’s grandmother.

Paper or Plastik  |  www.paperorplastikcafe.com

4. Lu Rou Fan

Lu Rou Fan, or Sunday Gravy, is one of Taiwan’s most well—known dishes. Chef and Owner David Kuo of Little Fatty created the menu based on dishes he grew up eating and loving to eat. Lu rou fan is a quintessential Taiwanese comfort food dish. From the slow—cooked pork, to the deep, savory flavors of sauce to the bright picked greens—the marriage of flavors create a satisfying combination.

Little Fatty  |  www.littlefattyla.com

5. Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and grits at Little Jewel of New Orleans
What’s in it: Creamy grits, blackened gulf shrimp, redeye gravy.

There’s no better comfort food than this Southern classic that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The hearty grits at Little Jewel of New Orleans are cheesy and creamy–the perfect, soft bed for the succulent gulf shrimp. This delicious bowl of warmth sticks to traditional southern flavors and may transport you to New Orleans for a split second.

Little Jewel of New Orleans  |  www.littlejewel.la

6. Red Curry

Thai red curry and a steaming side of rice come together to make this satisfying bowl of comfort food–with a kick. The creamy coconut milk complements the spice from the red chili paste–creating a rich combination of flavors. Nakkara on Beverly also offers green, yellow, panang, and massaman curry if you want to explore your different curry options.

Nakkara on Beverly  |  www.nakkaraonbeverly.com

7. Samurai Bowl

Samurai Bowl at Sunlife Organics Malibu
What’s in it: Blended acai, strawberry, raw cacao, raw chocolate plant protein and hemp milk. Topped off which granola, young thai coconut meat, banana, raw cashew butter, goji berries, bee pollen and raw honey.

Technically, not all dishes have to be warm to be considered a comfort food. The Samurai Bowl at Sunlife Organics satisfies your sweet tooth and nourishes your body at the same time. This bowl is full of fiber, protein, and and calcium—so no nap is required after eating this bowl. The folks at Sunlife Organics believes in using only wholesome and nutrient-dense ingredients to fuel your body the right way.

Sunlife Organics  |  www.sunlifeorganics.com

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