10 Unmissable Takes on the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese in NYC

From April 28th to May 2nd, ChowNow teams up with 10 New York City restaurants to celebrate their take on a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese (BEC). Explore the options below and journey through the Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and back.

The best part? When you order through ChowNow, restaurants keep 100% of the proceeds since we don’t take commissions. Oh, and you won’t have any pesky hidden fees tacked onto your bill, either.

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1.    Adda Indian Canteen

Adda's Indian Canteen

Say hello to our first contender on the menu, hailing from Adda Indian Canteen in Queens. A traditional Kati-style role filled to the brim with crispy bacon, eggs, and melty cheese will have you adding this location to your favorites list. 

To drink, add a mango lassi or an Indian soda for a touch of sweetness.

2.   Ess-a-Bagel


A collection of New York breakfast foods would not be complete without the classic bagel, and this bakery has laid claim to having the best option in the Tri-State Area.

For this event, Ess-A-Bagel has whipped up a delicious concoction of fresh avocado and Mr. Bing Chili Crisp Sauce to delight even the dullest of mornings… including Monday. 

3.  Frenchette Bakery

Frenchette Bakery

Frenchette Bakery takes us on a journey with a complex twist on the BEC: a breakfast sandwich that has the hardest-to-pronounce ingredients but might be the easiest to devour.

A grainy laminated spelt bread is topped with egg, boudin noir, comté & ramps – making this open-faced sandwich embody a certain je ne sais quoi… that will leave you excited to explore the rest of the menu.

4.  Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory

For the next stop on our NYC tour, we’re taking things to Crown Heights, where a new-to-the-scene restaurant has garnered hundreds of loyal patrons in just over a year.

This visually satisfying square-cut sandwich has a healthy portion of bacon, aged cheddar, pickle relish, and egg beneath a mouthwatering spread of spicy mayo. It also comes with a side of arugula salad for a light and fresh pop of greenery.

5. James


James Provisions in Brooklyn has artfully crafted a BEC that we think deserves a spot at MOMA. A delicately shaped fried egg with maitakes, ramps, bitter greens, and pecorino rest over a light bed of olive oil toast.

Even if you aren’t an #influencerinthewild, you’ll want to snap a photo before you dig in.

6. Leo


You say aioli, we say yes, please!

This punchy number is packed with flavor, starring a spring onion frittata with provolone, guanciale, aioli, and pickled banana peppers. All of this sits atop a crisp sourdough brioche bun, ready to enjoy.

7. Melba’s


Down-home cooking has boldly made its way into big cities across the US for a reason, and this BEC variation is one of them.

Two fluffy buttermilk biscuits cradle a helping of frittata-style eggs loaded with roasted peppers, sautéed onions, crispy pancetta, and cheddar cheese.

8. Milu


Milu on Park has tossed out the rule book and introduced us to a new category of breakfast sandwich: The DEC. Soft scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and chili crisps are accompanied by two new players – a crispy duck leg and a sweet housemade pineapple bun. Be sure to order two… because one just isn’t enough.

9. Pies n’ Thighs

Pies n' Thighs

Texture can either make or break a meal.

Pies n’ Thighs has put together a beautiful blend of fried eggs, crunchy sprouts, thick candied bacon, and a lop of cool cream cheese sandwiched between a cheddar jalapeño biscuit; making for one of the most exciting textures on this list. Additionally, the flavor profile on this option will satisfy all of your cravings – from sweet to savory.


10. Wildair


Last but certainly not least is the simple but surprisingly addictive blend from a city favorite: Wildair.

A thick Spanish tortilla holds together a hearty serving of fried eggs, sharp cheddar cheese, and an herby porchetta di testa – also known as face bacon.




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We hope you enjoy this special opportunity to eat your way through NYC. Enjoy the adventure!


Photos by Clay Williams.
© Clay Williams / claywilliamsphoto.com

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