Smorgasburg Secret Menu for July


Get ready for another month of surprises! We are thrilled to announce the second installment of the ChowNow Secret Menu at Smorgasburg. Available only in July, this menu offers hidden gems that can only be discovered by ordering through the ChowNow app. Get ready, it’s time to unveil the secret menu items for this month.

July ChowNow Secret Menu:

Common Meadows Creamery: Farmers Market Gelato
Locations: Williamsburg (Sat) + Prospect Park  (Sun)

Ah the creamy delights of Farmers Market Gelato by Common Meadows Creamery. Made with locally sourced ingredients, this artisanal gelato sundae captures summer with a sampling combination of each one of their vibrant flavors. Treat yourself to this frozen goodness and savor the farm-to-cone experience.

Rosie’s Empanadas : Lobster Empanadas
Location: Williamsburg (Sat)

Rosie’s Empanadas takes empanadas to a whole new level with their Lobster Empanadas. Bite into the flaky pastry filled with succulent lobster and classic seasonings. This unique twist on a classic dish will transport your taste buds to seafood paradise.

Duck Season: Duck Platter
Locations: WTC (Fri) + Williamsburg (Sat) + Prospect Park (Sun)

Prepare for a gourmet delight with Duck Season’s Duck Local Moulard Duck Leg Confit. Savor the tender and flavorful duck leg, paired with a side of ratatouille, pearl pasta, and a drizzle of summer tomato gastrique. This sophisticated dish showcases the artistry of Duck Season’s culinary expertise.

Mark your calendars and make sure to visit Smorgasburg in July to order up these secret menu items. Remember, they will only be available for a limited time, starting from the first weekend of the month. Don’t miss your chance!

How to Access the Secret Menu:
Easy! Just download the ChowNow app, browse through Smorgasburg vendors, and find your picks while discovering new favorites. The ChowNow app provides a convenient way to explore hidden dishes, making your dining experience at Smorgasburg even more exciting.

Stay tuned for next month’s secret menu as we continue to surprise and delight your taste buds with culinary wonders. Let the adventure begin!


Fridays • 11am-7pm:  WTC @ The Oculus, Fulton+Church St.

Saturdays • 11am-6pm:  Williamsburg @Marsha P. Johnson State Park, 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn

Sundays • 11am-6pm:  Prospect Park, Breeze Hill, Brooklyn

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